About OnlineValue

How to use OnlineValue

Using OnlineValue couldn't be easier. Simply enter a domain in the search bar and click on “+++” to analyse the domain. In a matter of seconds, OnlineValue calculates all relevant data for the domain: keywords, backlinks, Whois and other on-page data. Just click on the relevant link to view.

Data overview

The most important figures are displayed as an overview. Next to the little screenshot of the homepage, OnlineValue displays the OVI (online value index or visibility), total number of ranking keywords and ranking value of a domain. Additional information such as the number of indexed pages. PageRank and IP address are also shown.

OVI / Visibility

The “OVI/Visibility” tab displays the visibility of the analysed domain in Google. The Online Value Index provides the domain's concrete value based on XOVI's database. With OnlineValue, you can analyse the visibility of your domain over the course of 10 weeks. More information available at www.xovi.com


Under rankings the best placements of a website are displayed, where the website is found on Google in the first 100 places. These data also come from the online marketing and SEO tool XOVI. With domains that have fewer than 500 rankings on the first 10 sites, the winner and loser keywords are also displayed, i.e. the terms that have made the biggest leaps forward or backward. Apart from the organic keywords you can also identify those keywords, for which paid advertisements are run in Google AdWords.


In the links section you see an initial selection of links that a domain has as well as subnets and IP addresses. In Domainvalue you also receive an initial overview of anchor texts, which link to the analyzed domain.


Whether title tag, meta description or ALT attributes, Domainvalue gives you an initial impression of your site’s on-page. This is one of the most important factors for Google, if you want to have effective search engine optimization.

Over 250,000 SEO projects are already served by XOVI

Over 1.000.000 analysis were made with Onlinevalue

Thanks to Domainvalue you will get a first impression of the nature of an analyzed domain. For more extensive optimization we recommend you register for a XOVI trial account. You can use it free of charge for 14 days. Benefit from our comprehensive support options and attend our live training sessions or make an appointment for individual training, free of charge of course. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions at support@xovi.com.